With self-titled album, Bryson Tiller wants to “show people what I’m capable of as an artist”

Trapsoul/RCA Records

Bryson Tiller‘s hoping to show off his skill set as an artist with his newly announced self-titled album, arriving April 5.

“This is the time for me to show people what I’m capable of as an artist. I’ve been doing it by myself for years,” he tells Complex. “Since my … very first album, Trapsoul, it’s just been me in the studio writing my stuff—not producing it, but just writing stuff, arranging stuff—and I got to a point where I was like, ‘Man, everybody else and all my other peers, they’re not doing it by themselves. They’re working with people…’ And I finally was just like, ‘You know what, it’s my turn to collaborate with some people that I respect.’ And it’s time to show people that I know how to make some s***.”

Bryson’s decision to name the album after himself aligns with his goal for people to see his talent and range rather than “some new concept or some new world that I’m trying to create.” It’s also a way for him break out of the boxes people try to put him in, like they did when he released Trapsoul.

I always say I’m very thankful for [Trapsoul], but Bryson Tiller is not Trapsoul,” he explains. “Trapsoul is Bryson Tiller. I made it, but that’s not my identity. That’s not who I am.”

And while fans may be excited for another Bryson project, he says he’d “love for this one to be the last one for a while” so he could focus on his #1 passion: video games. Game design, as Bryson explains, can be done anywhere, allowing him to spend more time with his daughters. He still does plan “to go out and touch the people, see the world, and tour as much as I can.”

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