Victoria Monét responds to being left out of VMAs performance lineup: “For me, it’s part of the story”

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for MTV

After Victoria Monét dropped the music video for “On My Mama” in August, fans were hopeful they’d catch a live showing of it somewhere — possibly as her debut as the MTV Video Music Awards.   

Monét only appeared at the show as an attendee, leaving those who advocated for a performance of the hit song very unhappy. 

Writing to fans in a statement shared to X, formerly known as Twitter, Monét acknowledged the support and gave details on why she wasn’t given a show slot. 

“I see your advocation for me to have performed tonight and I’m so grateful to you!” she wrote. “My team was told it is ‘too early in my story’ for that opportunity so we will keep working!”

One fan commented, “Telling Victoria Monét that it’s too early in her career for her to perform at the VMA’s is literally insane.” 

Another wrote, “Oh, queen they played in your face with that one. On my mama would’ve been perfect and everybody would’ve known every word!”

Many pointed to Monét’s long history as an artist, including writing songs for A-listers like Nas, Ariana Grande and Chris Brown

“She’s really been at this for yearsssss!” a user tweeted. “But her humility to stay down and appreciate the love where it’s given is so inspiring!”

Monét ended her post by saying she’s thankful for her fans; for her upcoming Jaguar Tour, which kicks off Friday, September 15; and for the opportunity to watch some of her “favorite people perform tonight and receive the love they so deserve!”

“For me, it’s part of the story…and in Gods time,” the singer said. 

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