These strict habits are part of Pharrell Williams’ morning routine

Jemal Countess/Getty Images for Mighty Dream Forum

Pharrell Williams is well known for his chart-topping, award-winning songs, like Billboard number ones “Blurred Lines,” “Happy” and “Drop It Like It’s Hot.” 

But in order for the super producer to create the popular hits, he must maintain a healthy mind and body. To that end, Williams follows a strict daily routine.

It starts with waking up at 5 a.m., he says, as detailed in a video shared by The Jasmine Brand. The first activity on the agenda is to exercise: a five-minute plank and 500 crunches. 

“And then I do, like, an hourlong, super-hot bath and sweat out two or three pounds.” 

Adding of his bath time regimen, “That’s where you either meditate or pray or do both.”

The 13-time Grammy winner says he uses that time to write, and think through problems and conundrums. 

“And I spend that time also just giving thanks and reverence to the universe,” he says.

Williams’ morning ritual doesn’t stop there. He then taps into emotions such as empathy, gratitude and humility.

“Those are all exercises for the mind,” he says, “but they keep you grounded and keep you who you are supposed to be.”

Williams previously shared his daily skin care routine, detailing the products, tips and tricks he uses to keep healthy, moisturized skin. 

“This is the expression of your personality,” he says of his face in a homemade video for GQ in November 2020, the same month he dropped his Humanrace skin care line.

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