Teyana Taylor gets emotional discussing female empowerment in Hollywood

Disney/Randy Holmes

Teyana Taylor got teary when trying to articulate what a true sisterhood in Hollywood means to her during an appearance on The Tamron Hall Show. 

She joined Tuesday’s show to chat about her new film, The Book of Clarence, but became emotional when Hall flashed a picture onscreen of Taylor alongside stars Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor, Ava DuVernay and Regina King.

“All of you are at the top of the game and they were celebrating you at that moment,” Hall said, to which Taylor responded with a long pause and tears. 

Taylor explained that the photo of the women wasn’t a planned moment but a chance encounter after the group noticed her during an event and encouraged her to join their huddle. 

She recalled, “I was like, ‘Oh my God, like, I don’t want to walk up, I don’t want to invade anybody’s personal space.’ And Aunjanue was like, ‘OH MY GOD! TEYANA!’ And I was just really shocked because as badly as I wanted this picture to happen, I wasn’t gonna be the one to ask, you know?”

Taylor said she remembers conversations she had with herself in the past about women empowerment and how oftentimes the idea is preached but not always practiced. 

“So to walk into these rooms, whether it’s on purpose or by accident, and to be loved on and appreciated and seen and heard, it means a lot. And it’s genuine,” she added. 

She said, “The way they loved on me and just embraced me was amazing.”

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