Taye Diggs finds love stories featured on new podcast “far more interesting than any script”

Sony Music

Taye Diggs has taken his talents to the audio world as the host of the new Sony Music podcast You Had Me at Hello. And the actor said it’s one of the most fulfilling jobs he’s had. 

It’s a podcast about love and relationships in which Diggs takes listeners on a journey with “ordinary people” who share what their “soul-stirring stories of romance.”

He told ABC Audio that discussing the ups and downs of love with the different couples who appear on the show is based on his own love of love. 

“I’m one of those people in life that loves love. I love romantic comedies, I love hearing how people met, I love discussing, you know, the ins and outs of relationships. It’s fascinating to me.”

Diggs added, “To be able to sit front row to hear these real-life stories from real-life people that in most situations are far more interesting than any script I’ve read, it has been awesome.”

Podcasting is a new venture for Diggs, one he’s never really thought about exploring prior to You Had Me at Hello. But now that he’s been introduced to it, “I love it,” he said.

“I love the idea that someone like myself [who’s] been blessed, I’ve been working for quite some time — there’s always something new to experience. And I had no idea that I would have such an interest.” 

Diggs plans to do more in the podcasting world. And if he had to drum up his own podcasting show, it’d be one about people in the limelight opening up about how they’re “just as regular … as the average everyday person.” 

Listeners can stream You Had Me at Hello on all major platforms. 

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