SZA talks success of ‘SOS’ and more for ‘Elle’

ELLE Magazine/Renell Medrano.

SZA beat the sophomore curse with SOS, which has broken Billboard records, earned Platinum records, won awards and led to her successful first arena tour. Yet, she remains realistic. Speaking with Elle, she accepts the reality that success is “all really fickle.”

“I know that people don’t love me because love is really unconditional, and I’m one scandal away from being canceled indefinitely like anyone else,” she says. “I’m grateful that they like my art and that it speaks to them, and it connects and tethers all of us together in this weird way. It’s dope, but it’s also still a string that could be cut at any moment.”

Despite the number of records sold and any detractors encountered along the way, SZA says she generally tries “not to care too much because I really had some deep disappointments when I would just be so invested.” What matters more than a Grammy is a tour, where she could prove her ability to pack stadiums all over the country.

Confident in her musical capabilities, SZA says she’d come out on top in a talent-based match with another woman. However, she’s more focused on proving her value to herself.

“What else am I going to do, in terms of how I help people? Me being whoever I’m led to be on this journey must be part of the work ‘cause it’s really hard emotionally,” the singer says. “My prayer is to see myself the way God sees me. Like, ‘Father, help me know my value and trust that I’m valuable, and that I am who You say I am.’”

SZA’s Elle interview also sees her discuss her decision to get a Brazilian butt lift, her ex-boyfriend’s reaction to being called out during a show and more.

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