Saweetie drops new “Immortal Freestyle” + video

Kayla Oaddams/Getty Images

Saweetie is showcasing her Icy Girl bars with her new song, “Immortal Freestyle,” and its accompanying music video. 

Upon releasing the two-minute track, where she raps of her luxurious lifestyle and breaks down the meaning of being “Icy,” she talked with Paper about the importance of the song. 

“I think ‘Immortal Freestyle’ is just a statement for all the girls who feel like they’ve been knocked down before and always, continuously get up no matter what,” she says“I just wanted to inspire my Icy Girls to continue to do what they do, no matter how tough and dangerous the storm may look. Because if you keep preserving and if you keep doing what you’re supposed to do, you’ll get to your destination.”

Saweetie confirmed to Paper that with the video, she wanted to portray “a West Coast, Rich Girl lifestyle.”

Whether she’s riding around in her lime green Lamborghini, showing off her extra-long diamond fingernails or flexing her slim figure, she says the “Immortal Freestyle” is “nothing too crazy, just Saweetie on a regular Monday night in LA.”

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