‘Run the World’ stars share what fans can expect in season 2

Courtesy Starz

On Friday, May 26, Run the World returns for its second season, giving fans a chance to see how friends Sondi Hill, Whitney Green and Renee Ross are living since we left them last. 

Sondi is still a doctoral student, Whitney finds out whether her relationship with Ola will continue and Renee is starting a new business following her separation from husband Jason. Each character is navigating new and difficult situations, and as Bresha Webb aka Renee says, they are finally “trusting themselves.”

“All of these characters are trusting themselves for the first time, like, boldly trusting themselves and making those steps into … the right direction, even if it might be the wrong direction,” she tells ABC Audio.

Corbin Reid, who plays Sondi, adds that we’ll see the characters going face first into fearful situations, adding, they are “not afraid to make” moves this season.

“We’re just like, yes, this is what I want. Yes, this is what I need. Yes, this is what I’m going to do,” she says. “And it makes for really fun TV because in life, it can be difficult to make those tough decisions and make those tough calls and (you) let fear hold you back. But on TV, you get to watch us do that fearlessly and boldly. And, you know, hopefully it encourages other people to do the same.”

Run the World season 2 will make its debut on its home network, Starz. While her character Whitney’s journey “is not always fun,” Amber Stevens West says she loves that the show showcases some real ups and downs of life. “It’s so authentic and we’re dynamic, complex human beings who are going to fall down,” she says. “I like that we show all of that.” 


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