Public Enemy’s Chuck D seemingly comes to Madonna’s defense over ageist trolling

Kevin Mazur/WireImage for Live Nation

After an online troll posted an edited clip of Madonna performing onstage and made fun of her age, a fellow Rock & Roll Hall of Famer has come to her defense.

During Madonna’s Celebration Tour, she performs several songs while standing in a moving “frame” that transports her high up into the air and across the arena. During those performances, she’s tethered to a bar that’s part of the frame for safety, but the clip is zoomed in and edited so you can’t see that Madonna is standing high above the crowd.

“I’m glad to see that Madonna has a grab bar so she doesn’t fall,” reads the caption, which led to numerous responses from people who slammed Madonna for — gasp! — daring to perform onstage at age 65.

But legendary rapper Chuck D of pioneering hip-hop group Public Enemy seemingly came to Madonna’s defense in a post on X, formerly Twitter.

“At 63 i know i can bike better than i ever did and Pilates aint easy but i give it to @Madonna for pushing the bars …” he wrote. “So ageism sometimes gets like racism both ways if you let it.”

He added, “For anyone over 50 the rule is either you do the songs or the songs do you. @Madonna has some hard songs to perform in her catalogue.”

Madonna’s Celebration tour resumes January 8 in Boston.

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