Olympic athlete Casey Patterson gives Jamie Foxx’s pickleball spin a shout-out


Jamie Foxx is proving he’s still got moves as he recovers from that undisclosed medical emergency that led to his hospitalization in April.

Olympic volleyball veteran turned pickleball player Casey Patterson posted to Instagram part of a doubles match he was recently playing against the Oscar winner and a teammate.

Jamie returned Patterson’s teammate Taylor Chien‘s serve with a wicked drop shot that virtually stopped dead when it cleared the net and dribbled in front of Patterson.

“That Jamie Foxx spin will get ya,” Patterson captioned the video.

“I got dead balls out here, dead balls,” Foxx says in the clip.

While some wondered if Patterson was going easy on the star in flubbing the return, The Kitchen Pickleball, an online community dedicated to the growing sport, added, “Jamie is too modest. That wasn’t a dead ball, that was his nasty cut.”

Foxx is a die-hard pickleball fan and started his The Best pickleball gear company with Chien.

In fact, when outlets said Foxx was seemingly at death’s door, his daughter, Corinne, insisted back in May her dad was already back to the court.

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