Offset sends heartfelt text message to popular gamer he hung out with

Ashley Riegle/ABC News

After Offset participated in a 24-hour stream with popular YouTuber and gamer Kai Cenat, he sent a text message of gratitude to the young star for hosting a day’s worth of fun.

“I had the most fun in a very long time, this weekend,” Cenat said, reading a tweet by Offset to his streaming audience in a video later shared by blogger DJ Akademiks.

He then pulled out his phone to read aloud the “whole paragraph” he says the rapper sent to him.

“‘Really thankful for the time and fun, bro. The whole gang — love them n****** like they’re my brothers.'”

He continued reading, “‘Thank you, bro. I haven’t had fun like this in life for a long time, bro. I needed that in my life, been so serious for so long. … Thank you.'” 

In the clip, Cenat questioned if fans noticed his pattern of inviting guests to his streaming sessions but noted he started to do so in order for artists to show their personal side.

“I want this to be an opportunity for [guests] — f*** the music side, the music side is cool — to display personality and to display to the audience that, no matter what, no matter how successful … no matter how big things are, we’re all normal, bro.”

Earlier this week, Offset retweeted news that Cenat achieved a milestone streaming record as the original 24-hour Twitch stream gained 10.5 million views.

As of Wednesday, September 20, it amassed over 11 million watchers.


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