Offset Denies Grammys Fight

Do Brothers Really Fight? Quavo and Offset Are Here to Set the Record Straight

Just prior to Quavo’s performance of a tribute to Takeoff at the Grammys, rumors of a fight between fellow ex-Migos member Offset and Quavo were rampant. However, Offset quickly took to Twitter to clear up any misunderstandings, flatly denying that any altercation between them had occurred.

In his tweet, Offset says, “What tf look like fighting my brother yall crazy,” making it clear that any sort of altercation was out of the question. Further, it appears as if both Quavo and Offset are doing their part to move past their past feuds and come together as brothers.

But do brothers really fight? Generally, no. While brothers can certainly have disagreements and sometimes even tiffs, a full-blown out fight is rare. It appears that this is the case between Quavo and Offset – rather, they’ve both quashed any thought of any physical altercation.

The two former Migos have worked out their differences, and it’s great to see them get along and move beyond any shenanigans. Now, a tribute to their fallen brother, Takeoff, has truly been given its due respects.