No, 50 Cent says Ozempic isn’t the reason for weight loss: “I was in the gym”

Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images

50 Cent is shutting down rumors that he’s using popular diabetes drug Ozempic to aid in hhis weight loss. 

“Y’all wanna talk about weight loss?” he said in a Instagram video shared Wednesday. “I was in the gym, I was working the f*** out, man.”

He added, “They gone say it’s Ozempic? I was running. I was running. I was doing what I had to do, you seen me on tour.”

50 said he once weighed 253 pounds and has come down to 210 pounds. 

The rapper traveled the globe with his Final Lap Tour last year and kicked off 2024 with a “big idea” to practice abstinence. 

While he never made it clear what he was abstaining from, 50 did write in an earlier post, “Practicing abstinence is helping me train harder.”

Many fans assume the rapper is keeping sex out of his routine. “I feel great I think more people should try it,” 50 said. 


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