MoneyBagg Yo announces new ‘Hard to Love’ mixtape

Manny Carabel/Getty Images

MoneyBagg Yo is getting vulnerable on his next project. His Hard to Love mixtape will find him opening up about his hiatus and all the emotions he felt during that break.

“Yooo, I know it’s been a minute. I miss ya’ll just as much as ya’ll me. A lot has happened in two years. I gained and lost more than I ever thought I would and had no other safe outlet for all the emotions and dark thoughts that came with that other than music,” the rapper, born DeMario DeWayne White Jr., said in a clip shared on his socials.

“I’m blessed to have an art form to express myself inside and out with ya’ll,” he continued. “DeMario is the one that all the s*** happened to but nobody understood that I still gotta wake up and be Bagg everyday to provide for my family and continue to carve my legacy, but it’s hard balancing the two.” 

Moneybagg then listed some of the hardships he encountered, noting fans demanded his music despite what he was going through personally. He says he dished out so much during the recording process, he decided to release both a mixtape and an album.

Hard to Love: Heartless Edition, Bagg says, is “for my core fans,” who have been his “biggest source of strength.” It’s set for a May 26 release date. The album appears to be coming out this year.

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