Megan Thee Stallion drops “I Think I Love Her Freestyle,” marking the return of #MeganMondays

ABC/Chrys Davis

If you needed a reminder of Megan Thee Stallion‘s lyrical abilities, she’s dropped one in the form of a new freestyle. 

In a new video for “I Think I Love Her Freestyle,” she stands in front of a mic against a pink backdrop, wearing bright red headphones, as she boasts about her rapping, among other things.

“Show a new b**** that ain’t Megan coded/ Show a beat I was on and ain’t rode it, if she think she the s***, I’m the colon,” Meg spits.

Elsewhere she raps, “Catwalk, b****, I feel like Naomi/ The way I play n*****, I need me a Tony.”

She also reminds people that she’s college educated with the lyrics, “Good brain, graduated, top of my percentile/ Take it out the chat, I ain’t tryna be your pen pal.”

“I Think I Love Her Freestyle” appears to mark the return of the #MeganMondays freestyle series. There may be more where that came from, as Meg kicked off the month writing, “Hotties it’s officially MEGAN MAY. Get ready.”

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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