Meek Mill teases new “#raptherapy” music

Brian Stukes/Getty Images

Meek Mill is cooking up new music, and he released a snippet of it for fans on social media. 

The Philadelphia rapper took to Instagram with a short video trailer that sees him riding through a city street and walking toward a jet. 

In the clip, he raps, “Life short but my money long, I go through s*** and still act like it ain’t nothing wrong.”

At the beginning of the trailer, Meek seemingly addresses ownership issues with music labels and his often-talked-about battle with being paid properly.

“These are propaganda campaigns,” an unknown voice is heard saying. “They’ll pay 1,000 people to go online and just post negative things about a particular thing because they know that if that one thing, if it was discovered what it’ll really do, it’s gonna offset their profits.”

The rapper captioned his post with a similar message, writing, “Propaganda vs the streets for control of the billions made off music.”

“#raptherapy,” he added.

Meek didn’t make it known when exactly he’d drop a new project.

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