Jeremih created Birthday Sex wine for everyone, but “especially for the ladies”

Tarina Doolittle

It’s been 14 years since Jeremih made his R&B debut with “Birthday Sex,” the multiple-Platinum, chart-topping single. 

In honor of his 36th birthday this year, Jeremih took the popular song’s name and used it for a new venture: a new chardonnay wine, which he told ABC Audio was created with his target audience in mind. 

“[It was something] especially for the ladies that I feel like I can cater to,” he said of Birthday Sex wine.

When asked why he decided to venture into the wine business, Jeremih said he realized most celebrity-backed spirits, like Diddy‘s Ciroc, 50 Cent‘s Effen and Jay-Z‘s D’usse, focus on liquor. 

“No one’s ever really touched wine,” he said. “So I just felt like it was something different.”

While it may be an unusual business for the hitmaker, Jeremih said he appreciated the wine-making process, highlighting how much he enjoyed being able to “drive to Napa and the vineyards” alongside business partner Robert Ellin, the founder, CEO and chairman of LiveOne. 

Ellin said working with Jeremih on Birthday Sex was seamless and a no-brainer.

“I love that it’s for [women],” Ellin added. “But the truth of it is, everyone has a birthday.”

As for Jeremih’s hope for the white wine — his preferred choice of drink — hopefully it’ll have the same lasting impact as the hit song. 

“[On your birthday] you’ll be able to go down the aisle … and pick it up for you and your girls.” 

For now, hopeful buyers can be added to a wait-list. Ellin and Jeremih say the special chardonnay will be available “any minute now.”

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