Jay-Z and Yo-Gotti featured in new A&E documentary ‘Exposing Parchman’


Jay-Z and Yo Gotti are Exposing Parchman in a new documentary set to premiere June 17 on A&E. They appear in the newly released trailer, which also provides visuals of the extreme conditions experienced by prisoners in the Mississippi correctional system.

Exposing Parchman will bring light to Jay, Gotti and Team ROC’s work toward reforming the Mississippi Parchman Penitentiary, which has long been under fire for its inhumane living conditions. The doc also introduces viewers to those affected by the prison industrial complex.

“The incarcerated population in Parchman and their loved ones have experienced immeasurable pain and suffering, so we felt a responsibility to help them share their stories with the compassion and consideration that it deserves,” said Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez.

“Our hope is that this documentary will educate the public about these torturous injustices, hold the leaders in Mississippi accountable for fostering unconstitutional and inhumane conditions in Parchman, and create swift and comprehensive change to eradicate the state’s depravity in this prison and disregard for the criminal justice system.”

Hov and Roc Nation have also been working toward getting the necessary gaming license in order to launch a casino in New York City’s Time Square. They put in a bid with SL Green and Caesars Entertainment in December, and have recently taken out ads in local newspapers to detail and address any misinformation about their plans.

“Caesars Palace Times Square will benefit all of New York—the hotel and restaurant workers in the area, retailers and surrounding neighborhoods,” Roc Nation’s letter states. “Our bid commits $115 million for diverse theater programs that include daycare for Broadway workers and their families.”

The Broadway League, which represents theater owners and producers, had previously voiced its opposition to the bid.

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