J. Cole previews new track, gives fans BTS look of It’s All A Blur – Big As the What? Tour with Drake

Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage

J. Cole has gifted fans with a vlog that follows him on the It’s All A Blur – Big As the What? Tour with Drake. Seemingly inspired by the Smack DVD series, which gives fans a glimpse of celebrities in their natural settings, the video features behind-the-scenes footage of Cole on the trek and working on some new music, which he previewed in one of the clips.

“I said I was finished but I want another two summers/ Hall of famer hungrier than all the newcomers!” Cole raps in the video, shared from a burner account titled mightdeletelater. 

Elsewhere in the vlog, Cole reveals he’s been working with Metro Boomin and discusses his desire to dive back into production.

“It’s like I have a desire, like, man, I want to get back to making beats,” he says. “I want to get back good but then I’m like, it’s been so long and I’ve been putting so much work in on the rap s*** that I’m so far behind now on the production. I’m the worst I’ve ever been.”

J. Cole’s last album was The Off-Season, released in 2021. His next album will be The Fall-Off, which he said he’s nearly completed.

“Right now I’m at the tail end of working on this album I’ve been working on for a long time,” Cole announced during the Tampa, Florida, stop of the Big as the What? Tour. “It’s called The Fall-Off.”

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