Flo Milli reflects on “Beef FloMix” going viral, talks women in rap, latest album and more

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images for Coachella

When Flo Milli‘s “Beef FloMix” went viral in 2019, it was a moment she was hoping would happen but didn’t expect. Speaking to Elle, she reveals she’d highly considered quitting and becoming a dental assistant just months before the track blew up on TikTok.

“I had made a pact with myself: When I was maybe 14, I used to be like, ‘I’m making a timeline. I’m going to be famous by 18, and if I don’t make it by 18, I’m just going to stop and do something else,'” she recalls. With help from a friend who encouraged her not to give up, she saw the song’s success.

“Beef FloMix” was featured on 2020’s Ho, Why Is You Here? — the first in a trilogy of albums, including Fine Ho, Stay, which was released in March.

Unlike the previous records, Flo says this new album sees “me expressing myself a little bit more to my personality.”

“Before, I was giving one side of Flo Milli, and now, I’m giving everybody different sides of me,” she adds. “It’s a vulnerable vibe where people get to hear my experiences. I feel like it’s very relatable for women, and I feel like it will help.”

Speaking of women, Flo also shares her thoughts on women in rap and why she believes they’re “more accepted” today.

“I feel like it’s a platform for us to be seen and heard,” she says. “Before, yeah, we were seen and heard, and there were icons that came before us, but I feel like we’re more accepted now. We still have our haters, but for the most part it’s more women out there who are more vocal.”

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