Filmmakers of Paramount+’s ‘Mixtape’ aim to shine light on a forgotten part of hip-hop history


The release of the new Paramount+ documentary Mixtape happens to fall on this year’s 50th anniversary of hip-hop, but telling the story of the mixtape — and it’s importance to hip-hop — has been a long time coming. 

In tandem with the film’s August release, beloved Brooklyn native DJ Tony Touch told ABC Audio that he was honored to join the project as a producer, so he could shed light on an often forgotten part of hip-hop history.

“It’s an honor for me because I feel like I’m representing a movement that’s been kind of written off and not really acknowledged,” he said.

Working with hip-hop greats like G-Bo The ProDJ ClueRon G and Kid Capri — and the many other pioneering DJs — contributed to the story’s authenticity, Tony Touch said. 

“These are my brothers and comrades, and I felt like the story had way … more impact if we all told it together.”

The film — an in-depth look at the impact mixtapes have had on the culture — was the brain child of director Omar Acosta, who sought to tell an “authentic” story. 

Acosta says interviews with influential hip-hop artists eventually led to “mixtape icon” Lil Wayne becoming an integral part of the documentary. 

“Everything just kept connecting,” Acosta said of the filmmaking process. 

As far as the evolution of hip-hop, Acosta said, “My argument is [that] without mixtapes, it just wouldn’t have happened the way … it happened.” 

The documentary is the filmmaker’s way of paying homage to the movement. 

“It’s long due that these guys get the props that they deserve,” Acosta said. 

Mixtape is available for streaming on Paramount+.

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