Fantasia confronts her younger self in ’The Color Purple’ song + video “Superpower (I)”

ABC/Jeff Neira

Fantasia comes face-to-face with her younger self in the new music video for “Superpower (I).”

The song is one of 37 featured on the official soundtrack for The Color Purple, the recent film adaptation in which Fantasia reprises her role as Celie. 

“Superpower (I),” written and produced by hitmaker The-Dream, has been short-listed for Best Original Song at the Oscars, in addition to the film’s “Keep it Movin’.”

Present-day Fantasia, dressed in a sparkly gown, meets and sings the emotional song lyrics to her teenage self in the video, who wears the same red sleeveless dress she wore during her 2004 American Idol finale performance.  

“Not only is this a song that is so meaningful to the story of The Color Purple,” Fantasia says, “it’s also a song that speaks to my personal life experience. Celie is a character I hold close to my heart as I understand her profoundly. What an honor to have The-Dream write her song – our song – and I hope it moves you in the way it immensely moved me.”

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