Dwayne Johnson makes 7-figure donation to SAG-AFTRA strikers relief fund

Allen Kee / ESPN Images

Dwayne Johnson lent his support to the SAG-AFTRA strike with a “historic” donation for union members who are currently out of work.

The seven-figure donation to the SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s relief fund — the most ever received from one individual at one time — “is going to help thousands of actors keep food on their table, and keep their kids safe, and keep their cars running,” the foundation’s executive director, Cyd Wilson, told Variety.

“We rely on donations and grants to provide services — we have been very fortunate that we raised enough money to be able to cover all of our programs,” Wilson explains. “But when we hit a crisis like this and we’re going to spend millions and millions of dollars in financial assistance, this is when we need our high profile talent who can afford it, who are in a situation to help others.”

The national board of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, or SAG-AFTRA, has been on strike since July 14. Among the issues for both SAG-AFTRA and WGA members is how streaming has lessened payments for their work, and the encroachment of AI in the entertainment industry.

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