Doja Cat removes album cover post following the news it’s nearly identical to another album cover


Doja Cat may be changing the cover of her new album, Scarlet — because another group is releasing an album on the same day with practically the same artwork.

As Consequence notes, the German metal band Chaver announced their new album, Of Gloom, back in July. It’s coming out on September 22 and features an image of a purple spider with a round drop of purple blood above it. Doja’s album, also due September 22, features an image of a purple spider with a tear-shaped drop of blood above it.

Chaver’s album cover was created by artist Dusty Ray, who’s designed all their albums. Ray apparently designed Doja’s album cover, too. According to Consequence, Ray shared a tweet announcing it, though it appears to have been deleted.

And speaking of being deleted, Doja Cat has now apparently deleted her Instagram post announcing the album, which she’d posted on Tuesday. Her website still has the spider image, however.

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