Doja Cat drops new album ‘Scarlet,’ launches Skechers collab

Kemosabe Records / RCA Records

Doja Cat‘s new album Scarlet is here, and to mark the occasion, she’s unveiled a new collaboration with Skechers.

The “Doja’Lite” is a riff on the brand’s D’Lites, made famous by Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. A “refreshed take on this iconic sneaker silhouette,” the Doja’Lite comes in either black or white.

“To be designing a shoe that my peers have worn back in the day … it’s really, really cool. I feel like I’m part of history,” Doja says in a video posted on the Skechers Instagram.

“I wanted to make something that I knew I would talk about and be proud of,” Doja adds in a video introducing the collab. “I wanted to do something that intersected with my album. I love the idea of bringing Scarlet into the Skechers world.”

Along with the arrival of Scarlet, Doja has also released a new video for the track “Agora Hills,” which she co-directed with Hannah Lux Davis. In the video, she plays multiple roles, including the leader of a girl gang who wanders through what looks like a suburb after an apocalypse.

In the lead-up to the release of Scarlet, life-size replicas of the Scarlet character — which looks like a naked Doja covered in blood — were placed in various locations. Each one had a QR code that fans could scan for a preview of the album. On her Instagram Story, Doja posted multiple photos of fans who stopped to take pics of one of the replicas and added comments on their outfits and dance moves.

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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