DJ Khaled reveals features on “pure,” “authentic” and “timeless” new album

Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images for LivexLive

A new album by DJ Khaled is on the horizon, one he describes as “pure,” “authentic,” “timeless” and “a lot of hard work.” He tells E News the project will feature collaborations with Drake, 21 Savage and Travis Scott, who’ve been seen working with him in the studio.

When asked whether he’d be down to rerecord a song with Beyoncé, Khaled said, “That is my sis. … Being able to work with Beyoncé on records and be able to go on tour inspired me so much.” He continued, “I’m a huge fan and every time I see her, I’m starstruck and I get real nervous.”

When Rihanna was mentioned, he replied neither confirming nor denying. “This guy is a good man. Do you have my album?” he teased. He then said, “I love Rihanna. That’s my sister. I just want to breathe the air that Rihanna breathes.”

Khaled also spoke of Rihanna during an interview with Billboard, during which he expressed his desire for another collaboration with her.

“I want to work again with Rihanna,” he said. “I’ve worked with her and we made a big hit record called ‘Wild Thoughts.’ I want to make another record with her. That’s my wishlist.”

Outside of music, Khaled gets into acting for Bad Boys: Ride or Die, arriving June 7. Stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence told Complex he took his role seriously, arriving to set on time and ready to work.

“Khaled was doing full Method acting,” said Smith. “He was like in character walking to set and all of that.”


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