Da’Vinchi on what to expect from Terry on ‘BMF’ season 3: “He’s a mad man right now”


March 1 marks the start of another month, but also the return of BMF, which recounts the rise and fall of brothers and drug lords Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and Terry “Southwest Tee” Flenory and their Black Mafia Family drug trafficking and money laundering organization. The show stars Da’Vinchi in the role of Terry, who says his character’s coming with a vengeance this season after he and girlfriend Markiesha, played by La La Anthony, were the targets of an intended shooting. 

“I think Terry’s on 10. Terry, he’s livid,” Da’Vinchi tells ABC Audio. “He’s a mad man right now, he’s upset, and I don’t think he’s gonna stop until he get what he wants.”

Terry’s emotions eventually bleed into his job running the Black Mafia Family in Detroit.

“When the season start out, Terry’s under the influence of his emotions. So he’s really pissed off, and he’s dealing with trying to find out what happened, who put the hit out on him and his girl, what’s going on,” Da’Vinchi explains of his character. He’s conflicted with balancing those emotions and handling his new leadership role.

“He’s like, yo, I gotta prove myself,” Da’Vinchi continues, “but then at the same time, it’s like I also gotta show the streets that I ain’t soft.” The battle between the two, he notes, makes Terry “a monster in a way with how he starts leading.”

Explaining why people should watch the show, Da’Vinchi says, “I think it’s very seldom that you get to watch true stories on TV, so I think, you know, to see how this is being portrayed, based on something that really happened, I think it’s entertaining.” He adds the story was also “influential” to Black culture.

You can watch season 3 of BMF beginning March 1 on STARZ.


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