Chlöe reveals *this* actor is her celebrity crush

Freeform/Tiffany Roohani

When it comes to celebrity crushes, Chlöe isn’t afraid to admit who she’s got on her eye on. 

She is, though, a little hesitant to let Michael B. Jordan know directly that he’s the one she admires. 

In a recent Apple Music interview, the “Have Mercy” singer revealed Jordan as her crush and explained that she hasn’t reached out to the actor because she just doesn’t “shoot her shot.”

Chlöe said she’s often disclosed her love of Jordan publicly, but when podcast host Dotty asked how Jordan will find out she’s crushing on him, Chlöe simply said, “I don’t know.”

“I think you should, right now, DM Michael B. Jordan,” Dotty said, to which Chlöe responded with a firm, “No.”

Dotty added, “You could be blocking your blessings and I know you’re big on blessings.”

“I’m big on blessings,” Chlöe said. “But I’m like, God will bring my blessings to me when they’re supposed to be here.”

The 25-year-old singer blushed when asked what it is she likes about Jordan.

A bashful Chlöe couldn’t quite answer the question, but fans in the comment section on Instagram noted the singer’s clever ability to inadvertently shoot her shot by way of the viral interview. 

“That was a lay up with no assist,” one user wrote. 

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