Cast & crew of prison-based story ‘Bosco’ talk making the film + its importance


Anytime there’s a film being made that’s based on true events, there’s pressure to get it right, says Bosco director, Nicholas Manuel Pino.

Pino sought out the “challenging” mission to bring to life the story of Quawntay “Bosco” Adams, a prison escapee who was hellbent on showing up for his firstborn child. 

“There was an immense amount of pressure behind it because I love Quawntay,” Pino tells ABC Audio, explaining that it was imperative to humanize him and “try and capture every side of him.”

Pino worked directly with Adams, first by way of 15-minute jail calls, but after Adams argued his own case in court and was released from prison, he “was on set … everyday working,” the director said. 

Though “heavy” in its storyline, Aubrey Joseph, who plays Bosco, gave up the “easiest yes” of his career to join the film.

As for how he prepared for the role, Joseph says he and Pino spent countless hours on Zoom during the pandemic, breaking down and analyzing the script and every scene. 

“[We] made sure that every single bit mattered,” he says. 

It didn’t take much time to add Vivica A. Fox to the cast as Bosco’s mom. The Image Award winner also jumped at the opportunity to join the film because she’s all about supporting independent projects and is proud that Black stories are continuing to be told. 

“I love that finally our stories are being told,” Fox noted. “Without them being pretty, with them being raw and gritty, and that they have a message to the youth about choices.” 

Bosco, also starring Theo RossiNikki Blonsky and Tyrese Gibson, streams on Peacock Friday, February 2.

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