Busta Rhymes gives Killer Mike his flowers, says Mike’s “a treasure” to Black culture

Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

Killer Mike‘s contributions to hip-hop and society are being acknowledged by a fellow rapper: Busta Rhymes. In a video shared on Instagram, Busta gave Mike his flowers for “being a treasure” to Black culture.

“I think it’s important that everybody understands one of the most important things that we don’t get to see too often. Killer Mike is a treasure to our culture. Not to just the culture of hip-hop, but to the culture of people … Black people in particular,” he says. “As a businessman, as an artist, as a man, period. You know, the man has always stood on the right side of the moral compass. The man is full of principles and integrity, proper code of ethics and respect.”

Busta called Mike “one of the few that’s from a selected group of people that when he wins, we don’t clap because it’s politically correct to clap, we clap because that man actually deserves it.”

“The truth is undisputed so we’re gonna give it up to Killer Mike. … There’s no disputing the fact that he deserves every botanical garden that he’s supposed to receive right now,” Busta concluded.

Killer Mike, who owns multiple businesses, has played a vital role in the social justice movement, encouraged Black people to vote via his voter registration initiatives and has often emphasized the importance of Black entrepreneurship.

On the music front, he’s delivered four studio albums with Run the Jewels and six as a solo artist, the most recent being MICHAEL, which won the Best Rap Album Grammy. Its single “Scientists and Engineers” took home the Grammys for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song.

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