Beyoncé’s ‘Cowboy Carter’ boosts Spotify streams for Black country acts


Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter featured a few Black country artists who have now seen boosts in their Spotify streams thanks to their involvement with the album.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the number of first-time listeners for Brittney Spencer went up 170%, while Reyna Roberts and Tanner Adell experienced a 125% surge, and Tiera Kennedy saw an uptick of 110% in first-time listeners. Willie Jones saw a 75% increase, and Shaboozey saw a 70% boost.

When it comes to changes in the catalog listening, Kennedy’s streams went up 40,000%, Spencer saw an uptick of 37,220% and Roberts went up 16,000%. Jones, Adell and Shaboozey’s music also saw a rise in streams by 5,650%, 3,200% and 1,350%, respectively.

Spencer, Reynolds, Adell and Kennedy appear on the second Cowboy Carter track, “Blackbiird,” while Willie’s featured on “Just for Fun,” and Shaboozey is on “Sweet/Honey/Buckiin’” and “Spaghetti.”

“It’s incredibly encouraging to see this kind of impact coming out of Cowboy Carter,NyAsia Burris, Spotify’s lead of artist partnerships, R&B, told The Hollywood Reporter. “Not only does this showcase the strength of the Spotify ecosystem and how Spotify drives discovery, but it speaks volumes to the influential power of Beyoncé. The proof is in the numbers — this album has created a cultural movement and is uplifting Black creators to new levels of visibility. It’s only been three days since release, so we’re just beginning to see the true long-term impact of this project.”

While Bey helped the aforementioned country artists see increased streams, she also saw a boost in first-time listeners and catalog listening. Streams from first-time listeners went up 85%, while catalog listening increased by 395%.

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