50 Cent claims to be making docuseries about accusations against Diddy

Photo by Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images

Current allegations against Diddy are said to be the focus of a new documentary. 50 Cent has claimed to be making the docuseries Diddy Do It?, recently sharing a possible poster on his Instagram.

The poster sees Diddy’s face on a few case files and is shared alongside the caption, “This is gonna break records when this drops.”

It’s not clear whether it’s legit or made by fan, as no studio has yet to confirm the doc or its production.

As previously reported, Diddy has been hit with multiple lawsuits that accuse of him of sex trafficking and sexual assault, among other things. A federal investigation into the mogul prompted Homeland Security’s raid of both his Miami and LA homes, but no criminal charges were filed. He continues to declare his innocence.

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