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Lets be honest, you may know a thing or two, but do you really know how to do your makeup? Eyeliner, shadows, contouring, it can all get so complicated. The person that had Lady Jade looking flawless for her wedding was Glam By Cham. She’s getting you hooked up with a makeup class! No matter… “>Read more »

Grown Man Still Calls For Mommy

Dallas has been getting a lot of rain causing very strange things to happen to our city. Stores are low on daily essentials, flood warnings are happening everyday and the city is in a small panic. Michael Shawn, a grown freaking man, got so scared he called his mommy. [Listen Below]

Hood Chef At The BBQ

Like everyone one else of course, DeDe in the Morning went to a BBQ for Memorial Day. Pork chops, sausage links, ribs, all of that was in full affect. According to DeDe, a hood chef was there and he brought the best dish ever. Find out what it was and get his hood recipe. [Listen… Read more »

Memorial Day Weekend Confessions

Seems like more happened over the Memorial Day Weekend than just family BBQ’s. DeDe in the Morning let our listeners come clean and confess what they really did this weekend. One slept with her boyfriends boss, another with his girlfriends cousin. WOW! There was a lot of cheating going on this weekend! [Listen Below]