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Facebook Tells It All

DeDe in the Morning by delisha

DeDe’s DM: My husband and I have been married for over four years and he has cheated a few times. We’ve worked it out and decided to get back together. After going through his Facebook page, he got very pissed that I invaded his privacy. What should I do? [Listen Below]

Chris Brown Tells All

DeDe in the Morning by delisha

Chris Brown has a new documentary out called “Welcome To My Life.” Inside of the documentary he gets very detailed about the altercations between him and Rihanna. [Listen Below]

DFW Talented Adults

Lady Jade by delisha

It’s the summer time which means the kids are sleeping in. Lady Jade has decided to change the game. It’s Musiq Soulchild versus the Karaoke King in this weeks edition of DFW Most Talented Adults….[Listen Below]

Secrets Women Always Keep

DeDe in the Morning by delisha

DeDe’s Hot Topics: There is a petition to remove a confederate monument in Dallas, more on Ezekiel Elliot case and DeDe in the Morning spills the beans on secrets most women try to keep…[Listen Below]

Vacation Behind Bars

DeDe in the Morning by delisha

What the hell are you doing at the courthouse: Anonymous was busted on drug charges and had to sit behind bars for 4 months. She said while locked up, things were not all that bad. She even met…[Listen Below]

Let Me Use Your Charger

DeDe in the Morning by delisha

DeDe’s Date Fail: A nice guy named Andre’ brought Tianna on a date to the Cheesecake Factory. According to him, the date went well but Tianna definitely wasn’t feeling him after he decided to…[Listen Below]

Ezekiel’s Accuser Has Proof

DeDe in the Morning by delisha

The woman who accused Dallas Cowboy’s Ezekiel Elliot of attacking her on 3 separate occasions, now has proof! To see pictures of the brusing… [Click Here]  \ Here’s what listeners had to say…[Listen Below]

Kevin Hart Being Sued

DeDe in the Morning by delisha

“Living the life of a celebrity has its ups and downs,” says Kevin Hart. The comedian is currently being sued by a fan who accused one of Kevin’s security guards of beating him up. He said he demands…[Click Here]

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