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Who Is My Baby Daddy

Get In Your Business: DeDe in the Morning interviewed a listener who is currently dating two dope boys. Although both of her boyfriends have girlfriends, she’s pregnant and doesn’t know which guy is the father…[Listen Below]

My Tacky Wedding

DeDe in the Morning by delisha

DeDe’s DM: A listener is getting married soon, he and his fiancé have blown past their budget. He’s come up with a way to make the money back, sell beer and wine. Do you think this is taky? [Listen Below]

My Girl Can’t Cook

Michael Shawn by delisha

Aaayyye! It’s We The Worst Wednesday! Your boy Michael Shawn has created one of the worst songs we’ve ever heard. This song is for the fella’s who are afraid to tell their girl she can’t cook…[Listen Below]

Heated Conversations

Michael Shawn by delisha

Michael Shawn says there are certain topics you can’t discuss without things getting a little heated. You can’t have a normal or casual conversation about religion, LeBron James and especially…[Listen Below]

Dine And Dash

Lady Jade by delisha

What the hell are you doing at the courthouse: Lady Jade says it’s not always easy talking to people at the courthouse. It took a lot of effort to make anonymous confess that he had stolen food from… [Listen Below]

DFW Most Talented Adults

Lady Jade by delisha

It’s the summer time which means the kids are probably sleeping in. Lady Jade has decided to change the game. It’s the champ, Anthony versus Bernard in this weeks edition of DFW Most Talented Adults….[Listen Below]

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