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Siri Helps To Get Revenge On An Ex

Every Iphone user has asked Siri a question before. If you’re using DeDe in the Morning’s phone you may get a “hood” Siri with a cut throat answer. LOL! DeDe asked her Siri “How do you get revenge on your ex?” The advice she gave was quite….interesting! [Listen Below]

My New Job In Las Vegas

DeDe in the Morning will get in anyone’s business in a minute! One listener called in to say good-bye because she is moving to Las Vegas. Of course DeDe wanted to know why she was moving and what would she be doing. There is no way on earth we expected this answer. Find out why… Read more »

F That Panda

You know Michael Shawn will put anybody or anyplace on the infamous “F U List.” One thing we never expected was for him to add an animal. This is crazy, find out why he added a panda to the list. [Listen Below]

If you need a job or know someone who is looking, we’ve got your back! Miss Community Diane Gibson has the all the info you need about jobs and open positions in the DFW. [Listen Below]