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Siri Talks Love and Life

You know that DeDe in the Morning’s Siri is gangsta! DeDe asked her iPhone some questions about love and life. Her answers are as real as it gets. One listener said she hates her mother-in-law and wants to know how to handle it. Siri told her to…. [Listen Below]

Dealing With Broke Sidechicks

Comedian Corey Holcomb stopped by DeDe in the Morning, of course making everyone laugh. You better catch him at the Addsion Improve tonight til Sunday. You know he had to talk about his side chicks. Corey has a new one but she is broke and he says that she……[Listen Below]

My Neighbors Hate Me

DeDe in the Morning is convenced that her neighbors hate her. First she had the altercation with them at the fight party, now there is something else. The neighbors are doing construction around their house and DeDe found a nail in both her and her husbands tires. She thinks they should be responsible for it… Read more »

Best Friends Man Is Cheating

In most friendships, people keep it one hundred percent honest, while in others you may hear, “It’s none of my business.” Ladies, if you saw your best friends man kissing another girl, would you tell her? DeDe in the Morning said she would… [Listen Below]

Dont Forget To Tip

Have you been to a restaurant with great service, or on the other hand one with horrible service? Did you tip your waiter in both situations? DeDe in the Morning wants to know how much do you typically tip? She says if the service is bad she…[Listen Below]

Mike Shawn’s Daughter’s In Trouble

You know Michael Shawn loves his kids. The girls came down to spend sometime with dad and had an amazing time. While he wasn’t home, the girls got on the internet and watched something they were not suppose to. The girls confessed to their dad, that the inappropriate video they watched was…. [Listen Below]

Siri Talks Stripclubs

DeDe in the Morning has the realest Siri Apple has ever made. A listener wanted Siri to convince his wife that nothing happens at a strip club. Siri was not having it! After she told him to stop lying, she said… [Listen Below]

1st Day Of School Drama

School is officially back in session, parents we know you are happy about that. After you dropped the kids off at school, you thought everything was all good until you got a phone call. What was the drama you had to deal with on the first day of school? Lady Jade’s niece…