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Lets Try Mobile Dinning

DeDe’s Shinning Star: Meet the local business “Bijou Belle” the ultimate mobile dinning experience. [Listen Below]

Are You A Winner

DeDe in the Morning loves to make people winners. She met a listener who was so excited that she had won! Have you ever participated in any contest and won? Lady Jade said she once won…[Listen Below]

DeDe's Siri Throws Shade

DeDe in the Morning has an iPhone 7 with the realest Siri in the world. One listener asked her,”Why do people like reality tv shows so much?” Siri didn’t hold back and told her…[Listen Below]

What's Your Zodiac Sign

DeDe in the Morning is a Capricorn, Lady Jade is a Leo and Michael Shawn is a Pisces. Lets see who has the better list of celebrities and their zodiac signs. [Listen Below]

DeDe's A Mean Mom

DeDe in the Morning says on yesterday, she got into the biggest argument ever. She ended up yelling, screaming and making threats to her…[Listen Below]

To Young For Weed

DeDe’s DM: An anonymous listener needs advice. She found weed in her 14 year old sister’s backpack. Does she keep her sister’s trust and not say anything or let her parents know? [Listen Below]

Locked Up For The Holidays

What the hell are you doing at the courthouse: Lady Jade met a guy who was just released from jail and now on probation. She wanted to know how was his time in jail over the holidays. He said it was very….[Listen Below]

A Song For Broke People

It’s “We The Worst Wednesday!” Michael Shawn says that he was in the studio til 2 o’clock this morning working on a hit for people with bad credit scores…[Listen Below]

Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg volunteers in Oa...

Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg spent Martin Luther King Day with Dallas natives doing community service in Oak Cliff, Texas. For Oakcliff is an organization that “improves community engagement by bringing together residents of the Dallas community, connecting them directly with high-demand resources, and creating opportunities for deeper ongoing community organizing and development.” The first state… Read more »

Jobs Available

Do you need a job or know of someone who has been looking, Miss Community, Diane Gibson has the latest on job openings here in the DFW. [Listen Below]