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Inside The Mind of Jay Z ! In depth Interview

In a lot of eyes, and I do mean A LOT, Jay Z is considered the Greatest Rapper to ever do it and if not the greatest he’s close. Now you may agree you may think his music is just aight but what you can’t deny is the continued success and admiration from millions of… Read more »

DeDe's Hot Topics

DeDe’s Hot Topics: The NFL Players Association and the NFL are fighting about Ezekiel Elliot’s domestic violence case, the solar eclipse is happening on Monday and Selena Gomez and ruing her relationship with The Weekend. [Listen Below]

Domestic Violence Victims

One and four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. Debra Bowels from Women Called Moses speaks to DeDe in the Morning about women provoking men, aggressive wives and why she’s so passionate about helping domestic violence victims. [Listen Below]

Relationship Advice

Is a woman thirsty if she initiates with a guy? Author and relationship expert Deya Direct speaks on this, relationships and more with DeDe it the Morning…[Listen Below]

Facebook Tells It All

DeDe’s DM: My husband and I have been married for over four years and he has cheated a few times. We’ve worked it out and decided to get back together. After going through his Facebook page, he got very pissed that I invaded his privacy. What should I do? [Listen Below]

Chris Brown Tells All

Chris Brown has a new documentary out called “Welcome To My Life.” Inside of the documentary he gets very detailed about the altercations between him and Rihanna. [Listen Below]

Jobs Available

Do you know someone who is looking for a job? Miss Community, Diane Gibson has the latest on job openings in the DFW. [Listen Below]

DFW Talented Adults

It’s the summer time which means the kids are sleeping in. Lady Jade has decided to change the game. It’s Musiq Soulchild versus the Karaoke King in this weeks edition of DFW Most Talented Adults….[Listen Below]