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National Compliment Day

It’s National Compliment Day! DeDe in the Morning passed out compliments to Michael Shawn and Lady Jade but you know she had to sneak some shade in… [Listen Below]

I Deserve A Mommy Makeover

DeDe’s DM: A listener gave her husband four children and now wants to use the income tax to get a mommy makeover. Her husband says it’s a waste of money. DeDe in the Morning said she deserves to have surgery because…[Listen Below]

Don't Drink And Drive

What the hell are you doing at the courthouse: You know Lady Jade loves crime. She saw a really pretty girl walking out the courthouse and had to ask her why she was there. Turns out, after she wrecked her truck the cops found out that she was…[Listen Below]

The Worst Song For Child Support

It’s “We The Worst” Wednesday! Michael Shawn has a new song for fathers that have to deal with the blues of child support… [Listen Below]

Jobs Available

Do you know someone who is looking for a job? Miss Community, Diane Gibson has the latest on jobs available in the DFW. [Listen Below]

Is DeDe Going Blind

DeDe in the Morning says she’s been wearing glasses since the 4th grade. She recently went to get her eyes checked and the eye doctor told her…[Listen Below]

I Fell In Love With My Customer

Get In Your Business: Anonymous says she met the father of her 2 month old child while she was dancing in the strip club. He was one of her most contributing customers…[Listen Below]

DFW's Most Talented Kids

Do you have a child that you think is extremely talented and want them on the radio? Lady Jade has found some really talented kids right here in the DFW. Here’s this weeks “DFW Talented Kids,”…[Listen Below]

Beware Of A Man Who...

Lady Jade said she met a really nice guy that she might be interested in but he talks about him mom way to much. DeDe in the Morning told her to beware! A few listener’s said she should also beware of…[Listen Below]

Lil' Wayne 'Kloser 2 U Tour' is Coming To Dallas

DALLAS (February 27, 2017) – Lil’ Wayne announced today that the ‘Kloser 2 U Tour’ is coming to South Side Ballroom on Friday, April 28th! Lil’ Wayne ‘Kloser 2 U Tour’ Tickets on-sale Friday, March 3, at 10:00 a.m. Remember in 2008 when listeners spread peanut putter all over themselves to get shot with marshmallows… Read more »