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Lupita Nyong'o Named People's Most Beautiful

Well we didn’t see this coming.  Not. Of course this coveted title has been a lock for Lupita since last fall. Lupita Nyong’o Named Most Beautiful By People Magazine Then again maybe not, remember when they named Gwyneth Paltrow last year instead of the stunning and talented Kerry Washington? About time they got it right…. Read more »

What's poppin' with Nikko calling it off with Mimi...

So I heard that Nikko is no longer with Mimi..Check out why by clicking “play” below!..Plus there is also a new sextape coming out featuring a new cast member on Love and Hip Hop..she asked Mimi for advice, which made me laugh out loud!..What do u all think of this foolery?

What's poppin' with Jay-Z and Beyonce divorcing?

Are Jay-Z and Beyonce getting a divorce?!..There’s evidence that suggest that..Find out why by clicking “play” below..Plus check out the photographic proof?!..Do u believe it?..Plus find out who French knocked up..All the details are below..Looks like French is about to be paid!