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Guess Who Is Pregnant

OMG! Guess who’s pregnant? Everyone’s favorite racially ambiguous person, Rachel Dolezal! Rachel tells us she’s in her second trimester and expecting a boy. The ethnicity well, we don’t know. Seriously, we asked about the baby’s father but she was not willing to speak on the topic. Rachel was married but she divorced 10 years ago…. Read more »

Kevin Gates Charged w/ Battery for kicking fan

A lot of people didn’t like the way Kevin Gates reacted after a lady fan tugged his shorts a little while on stage performing. No really, he losing fans. Some people like my self got a little chuckle out of how it went down. I don’t agree with it at all, but I just wasn’t… Read more »

No Patience With Kids

This is a great idea, wait, or is it? DeDe in the Morning want to host a talent show for kids on TV but she doesn’t have the patience. She gave it a shot anyway and found out these kids can really….[Listen Below]

Siri Talks The Ashley Madison Scandal

Everyone who has an iphone knows that Siri will talk about anything. DeDe in the Mornings Siri keeps is a little more real than the normal. Siri tells you what she thinks about the Ashley Madison Scandal. You wouldn’t believe that she said…. [Listen Below]