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What's poppin' w/ Kim K saying she pregnant again?

Kim Kardashian in a recent interview might have accidentally revealed that she is pregnant again!..Plus, Ti addresses Iggy and Snoop’s constant fued..Check out what they had to say by clicking “play” below!!

Dede Is Still Traumatized About Halloween Over Som...

Dede said she was not excited about Halloween as a child, it brought her a lot of anxiety. She was very tall as a kid and when she would go trick or treating the adults would ask her “how old are you?” Her mother never bought her a real costume so she would have to… Read more »

Tiny Explains Why She Had Eye Surgery! [Listen No...

Ti’s wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris had eye-color change surgery to permanently change her brown eyes to ice-gray. She says she wanted to do something different and thinks they are amazing. T.I thought she was crazy! (Listen Below)

Is Almond Joy The Worst Candy To Get On Halloween?...

It’s Halloween and Michael Shawn has some rules, he says if you are not going to do Halloween right then don’t do it at all! If your not going to give out the correct candy in your home turn off your lights. The acceptable candies to give out are Milky Ways, Twix and Three musketeers…. Read more »

We Found The Biggest Dallas Cowboys Hater Ever! [L...

The biggest Dallas Cowboy hater in Dallas is White Gary’s mom. She said she hates the Cowboys because they make more money than god but they go out and steal underwear. She is proud to be a Cowboy hater LOL! (Listen Below)

T-Pain Sangs Without Auto-Tune

The term “auto-tune” has always been linked with T-Pain. Few know that the Tallahassee hero can actually sang. Courtesy of NPR Music, the clip below shows the man born Faheem Najm flexing his standout vocals, crooning hits such as “Bartender” and “Up Down (Do This All Day).”

B.O.B stops by At-Work Party w/ Priya

B.O.B talks about upcoming projects, what he does on his free time, what he plans to be for Halloween, and How he puts it down in the bedroom!!!..Check out the full interview by clicking “play” below!!

Why Is Tony Romo Trying To Play In This Sunday's G...

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo said that if he can withstand the lingering pain from a hit to the back during Monday’s overtime loss to the Washington Redskins, he will play Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals. “That part has never been an issue, but we’ve got to wait and see,” Romo said, adding, “it will… Read more »