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What's poppin' with Nikko calling it off with Mimi...

So I heard that Nikko is no longer with Mimi..Check out why by clicking “play” below!..Plus there is also a new sextape coming out featuring a new cast member on Love and Hip Hop..she asked Mimi for advice, which made me laugh out loud!..What do u all think of this foolery?

What's poppin' with Jay-Z and Beyonce divorcing?

Are Jay-Z and Beyonce getting a divorce?!..There’s evidence that suggest that..Find out why by clicking “play” below..Plus check out the photographic proof?!..Do u believe it?..Plus find out who French knocked up..All the details are below..Looks like French is about to be paid!

Vote: NBA Playoffs - Mavs or Spurs?

The Mavs and Spurs are back at it tonight in San Antone. The top-seeded Spurs squeaked out Game 1 at home with a 90-85 victory. The Mavs have to feel good about things, though, as both Dirk Nowitzki and Monta Ellis went an uncharacteristic 4-14 from the field, performances not likely to be repeated. We… Read more »