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Dede And Michael Shawn Recreated The Kid Beef That...

Dede started a beef between some kids at Lady Jades wedding over the weekend. She sat at the kids table and while she was having a conversation with them, it got ugly. Dede and Michael Shawn recreated the beef! LOL! (Listen Below)

Michael Shawn Talked To A Man Who Is Scared From D...

Michael Shawn was out in the streets and he was approached by a man named Q from Ft. Worth who wanted him to get in his business. He was married to a white woman who did him wrong and he’s still hurt about it. (Listen Below)

How Soon After You Get Married Should You Start Ha...

Lady Jade got married over the weekend and her family wants her to have a honey moon baby. Michael Shawn says he loves his kids but having kids is a pain in the ass. We asked the question how soon after you get married should you start having kids? (Listen Below)

1st Look at Aaliyah Biopic Right Here! (Video)

Like many I can hardly wait to see how this turns out, and I hope it is good because I love me some Aaliyah. Being a 80′s baby coming up in the 90′s and graduating in the mid 2000′s, it was common to walk in any room, boy or girl, and see a poster of… Read more »

Chris Breezy’s Mom Asks Therapist To Save Son Fr...

Word on the Street was that Chris Brown was on the “road to recovery” or we can say “getting his life together. In recent rumors, Chris Brown’s mother along with His girl Karreuche are worried about him this whole gang affiliation thang. TMZ Report: Multiple sources tell us … Chris’ mom and Karrueche are so… Read more »

This/That: Online dating experiences

New Study says that couples who meet online are less likely to not last?!..How do u feel about this study?..Check out the people of Metroplex’s experiences by clicking “play” below!

What's poppin' w/ Amber catching Wiz cheating?

Amber Rose filed Divorce paperwork after catching Wiz in bed with another chick!!..But, Wiz claims that the story is false and remembers it another way!..Check it all out by clicking “play” below!..Plus, Erica Mena is mad that some chicks in Love and Hip Hop Hollywood are copying her style!