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Dede's Husband Is In Search Of A New Couch For His...

Dede’s husband is still searching for a new couch for his man cave. Yesterday they went to Freed’s Furniture and he seen a sectional couch that he liked so he examined it. He even pulled out a tape measure and measured the length of the sectional. (Listen Below)

Michael Shawn Can't Keep A Secret [Listen Now]

Michael Shawn has three things that he despises. He hates it when people call him and he doesn’t answer then they text him and ask him why he didn’t answer the phone. He also doesn’t like when people tell him secrets and ask him not tell to anybody and he does not like band wagon… Read more »

Do You Want A Raise At Your Job?

Dede has a guaranteed way on how you can get a raise at your job. A new study out says that listening to music while working increases your productivity. 9 out of 10 workers perform better while listening to music. (listen Below)

Is Omarion Baby Megaa’s Biological Father?

“I told Megaa, son they think someone else is your father….” Is Omarion Baby Megaa’s Biological Father? Remember when we told you about that nasty rumor that Omarion and his girlfriend Apryl Jones broke up because she refused to give him a DNA test? Well Omarion is clapping back at reports and confirming whether or… Read more »

Where Are Her Parents? High School Student Suspend...

Several students are at home, suspended from Bolton High School after an alleged prostitution incident by teenagers at the school. Via WMC Action News 5 reports: Students and parents called it prostitution on campus during school hours on Monday, but Shelby County Schools says that may not be entirely accurate. SCS officials say administrators are… Read more »