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Watch 'Everybody' by Mo3

Mo3 stopped by the studio today to promote his upcoming mixtape 9/11 and his latest single ‘Everybody’ and the where the concept for the song originated from. Check out the video to ‘Everybody’ below.  

Post Malone Is Giving Away A 2018 Bentley Converti...

Post Malone is giving away a Bentley to a lucky fan and even better that it’s for a great cause. To be eligible to win the Bentley, Post Malone is asking fans to donate $10 to Folds of Honor, a non-profit organization that provides educational scholarships to families of deceased and disabled veterans. The winner… Read more »

Reynolds (Hillcrest) & Burris (Irving MacArthur) N...

Nasir Reynolds (Hillcrest) – There were a lot of fireworks in Hillcrest’s 62-58 win over North Dallas and running back Nasir Reynolds provided most of them! Reynolds finished the night with six touchdowns, rushing for 339 yards on 22 carries. Blake Burris (Irving MacArthur) – It was a rivalry showdown between the Irving Tigers and… Read more »

DeDe's D-Cypher

DeDe in the Morning loves mind games and music, if you do too you have to hear DeDe’s DCypher! The team takes lyrics froms songs and changes the slang into cooperate lingo. Test your music knowledge, listen to see if you can decipher the lyrics… Click and play along!

Diddy and Cassie Break Up

Diddy and Cassie have had a “relationship” for a very long time, the couple met in 2007. Diddy never claimed a relationship or made it publicly official until recently, the two were allegedly engaged to be married, but not any more. The rumored reason may be due to Drake flirting with Cassie! Were you ever… Read more »

DeDe's Date Fail

Ever had a date that you thought went well, but you didn’t get a call back so maybe it was a fail? DeDe In The Morning can help you with DeDe’s Date Fail! Would you go on a second date if they took you to their exes’ work place? Listen to find out what happen!

High School Holla 10/11: Arlington Martin, Denton ...

On this edition of the “High School Holla” with Bay Bay and Ron Murray, we shine the spotlight on Denton’s Xylohn Posey, W.T. White’s Marcus Mcclanahan, and the Arlington Martin Warriors in their District wins! Xylohn Posey (Denton) vs. RL Turner Marcus Mcclanahan (W.T. White) vs. Molina Arlington Martin vs. North Crowley

Hypnotist with DeDe in the Morning

How would you feel if someone hypnotized you into liking them? DeDe in the Morning had a hypnotist comedian come in, he claimed he could teach Michael Shawn how to hypnotize people but lady Jade knows that’s not a good idea… Click to find out why!

DeDe's DM

It goes down in the DM especially in DeDe in the Morning’s! A young lady contacted DeDe abut her mom using a handicap sticker, but the mom isn’t handicap. The girl gets really embarrassed by her mom parking in handicap and sometimes even faking a limp, the daughter is tempted to report her mom to… Read more »