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What Bothers You The Most About Other Drivers? [Li...

Lady Jade can not stand tailgaters and when people don’t use their turn signals. Dede can’t stand when she’s driving slow in the left lane and somebody flicks their lights at her and she doesn’t like to drive near big trucks. Michael Shawn says it’s not safe to tie a mattress to the back of… Read more »

Omg! Dede's Husband Got Kicked Out Of Ashley's Fur...

Dede’s husband is turning a room in their house into a man cave so they went to Ashley’s furniture last night. They were their so long that they got put out of the store because he couldn’t make a decision on which sectional to get. (Listen Below)

What's poppin' w/ Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa?

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa getting back together?!..They Tweet their love for each other..Find out what they said by clicking “play” below!!..Plus, the real reason why Nicki Minaj and Safaree broke up!!..Who was at fault?!..Check it out below!

Kids Don't Like Dede! [Listen Now]

Dede is trying to learn how to have a relationship with kids because her and kids just don’t get along. A four year old little girl came to her house and Dede did what she did best … got in her business. The little girl got tired of talking to Dede and said she was… Read more »

Dede Almost Got Into A Fight At Her Dermatologist ...

Dede almost got into a fight at her dermatologist office yesterday. While she was in the waiting room she seen a recipe in a magazine that she wanted to cook so she tore it out. A 74 year old woman started coughing trying to alert the receptionist. LOL! (Listen Below)

Michael Shawn Says His Daughter Is Addicted To Sna...

Michael Shawn says that his daughter Mckayla is addicted to snacks. She will be in the car and say “So were just gonna drive by McDonalds?” LOL! And she will stand in front of the refrigerator and say “So nobody’s hungry?” Hahaha!! (Listen Below)