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The NFL has implemented a new policy, no kneeling during the National Anthem. Is Will Smith be dropping new music soon? Here are the most common passwords used in 2018…[Listen Below]

Dating Rules You Must Know

Lady Jade is back in these streets, but definitely has a few rules when it comes to dating. There are some rules that you must follow when you date in 2018…[Listen Below]

Listener Voice

Is there something you absolutely love about the morning show? Is there a thing or two that you don’t really like? Let DeDe in the Morning know by leaving a voicemail. One listener said he can’t stand…[Listen Below]

Dirty Dianna

DeDe’s DM: My girlfriend is absolutely gorgeous but is a complete slob! She wears dirty clothes, never cleans and the bathroom is so nasty, but again, she’s drop dead gorgeous. What should I do? [Listen Below]

We The Worst Records

Aaaaayyeee!! It’s “We The Worst Wednesday!” Michael Shawn not only has a new squad, but they are really coming with the hits. This song is for people with messed up, no service having, screen cracked phones…[Listen Below]

Parking Lot Protocol

What the Hell Are You Doing At the Courthouse: Alexus says she has to get her life back together because all she remembers is pop, pop, pop. She said she immediately lost it when someone parked to close to her car. When she got out…[Listen Below]

DJ Duffey & Friends: Changing The Game Weekend

“CHANGING THE GAME WEEKEND” WHEN: SATURDAY, JUNE 9 – SUNDAY, JUNE 10, 2018 LOCATION: DALLAS, TX OVERALL WEEKEND OBJECTIVES u Inspire, Empower, & Prepare business-minded men and women for entrepreneurship HOSTED BY: DJ DUFFEY & FRIENDS