Snoop Dogg plans to be “clean as a book” when he takes on commentary duties for the Paris Olympics

Ralph Bavaro/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games will be underway in one month, and Snoop Dogg is ready to take on his role as a correspondent for NBC Sports. Speaking to Time, he says watching the Olympics was something he began to do as a child.

“Back then we only had so much. It’s not like right now, where you got so many different things you can watch and social media and all that s***. We only had TV,” he says. “There was only one TV in the house, so whatever one member of the family was watching, we were all forced to watch it.”

The Olympics, he adds, were a family favorite that “would take over the whole house whenever it would come on.”

“And it’s special ‘cause you’re seeing athletes for the first time in three, four years and they’re representing the country,” Snoop continues. “So that meant a lot, watching it as a kid.”

His love for the Olympic Games, however, isn’t the only reason he decided to take advantage of the opportunity. 

“This is what I do, you know what I’m saying? I love being in front of the people. I love sports. I know what I’m talking about,” he shares. “The network is appealing enough to understand that we deserve each other. So we’re gonna make magic.”

While some may assume the creation of Snoop’s “magic” will include the consumption of cannabis, he says he’s putting that aside to focus on the job.

“I plan on going out there and doing NBC Olympic work. Being clean as a book, clean as the athletes,” Snoop says. “They can test me if they want to. I’m going to be out there doing what I’m supposed to be doing to make sure I bring home the gold. Which is me.”

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