Megan Thee Stallion runs into an obstacle ahead of album release

ABC/Chrys Davis

Megan Thee Stallion‘s album MEGAN comes out on Friday, but just ahead of its release, she was forced to make a change. Taking to Instagram Live Wednesday, she revealed she had to rerecord a song that referenced an anime series to avoid losing the entire sample. As she explains, the production company instructed her that the new version must not include characters’ names or other references to the series. She was also told she couldn’t cosplay as any of the characters for a music video.

“Y’all will never believe what the motherf*** just happened to me! I’m not talking bad because I’m very grateful. Y’all know how I told y’all I got an anime sample on my album? This has probably been the hardest song to try to have on my album — but like I said I’m not complaining ’cause I’m grateful,” Meg began.

“This is a very big production company so for them to even say yes — and I be cussing and s*** — like I said, I’m grateful. I’m not complaining,” she continued. “I really wanted this sample. I really wanted to do it, so I’m doing everything I got to do to keep it. But change the names? Change the names the day before the album out? That was nuts.”

Meg says fans will understand why the production company “was giving us a hard time” once they hear the track. She hopes they “think this s*** sound fire, ’cause I had to jump through 8 million hoops to get this s***.”

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