Megan Thee Stallion releases “It’s Prime Day” in partnership with Amazon

ABC/Chrys Davis

With its annual Prime Day approaching, Amazon has tapped Megan Thee Stallion to help promote the two-day event. On Tuesday, the rapper released a song titled “It’s Prime Day.”

“I’m Tina Snow, and I shop all the time/ I can be who I want thanks to Amazon Prime/ With the shorts that make the booty sit like mine/ Once you log in, there ain’t nothin’ hard to find,” Meg rapped on the track, which will be featured on Amazon Music’s exclusive version of Meg’s album. “They got lashes, jewelry, clothes, candles/ Imma login and blow a bag on my animals/ 4oe got a shirt, Oneita got a purse/ How ’bout squeaky toys? Let’s see who catch it first.”

In the clip, Meg’s seen ordering different items, each of which were used to tap into another character. She dresses as a chef, cosplayer, stylist, lifeguard and more before the video wraps up. 

Prime Day takes place July 16 and July 17; the sales are only accessible to Prime members who pay a monthly or annual fee.

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