Gayle King defends bestie Oprah over Cindy Crawford “chattel” comments in Apple TV+ documentary

Mary Kouw/CBS via Getty Images

While Oprah Winfrey has yet to weigh in, her bestie Gayle King is disappointed with Cindy Crawford‘s headline-grabbing comments about the talk show titan in Apple TV+’s new documentary The Super Models.

As reported, Crawford said she feels humiliated by her 1986 appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, during which she was asked to stand up and model her body for the crowd.

“I was like the chattel or a child, be seen and not heard,” Crawford confessed, adding she didn’t get it at the time, when she was 20. “When you look at it through today’s eyes, Oprah’s like … ‘Show us why you’re worthy of being here.'”

Re-watching the clip, Cindy said, “that was so not OK really. Especially from Oprah!”

Entertainment Tonight caught up with King in New York City Thursday night, and she said she’s disappointed at the comments.

“I haven’t seen it, and I want to see it, but I’m surprised and a little disappointed,” King expressed. “Because I know Cindy’s been on her show many, many, many times and it has always been a pleasant experience.” 

She added, “It’s not Oprah’s thing to humiliate or make anybody feel badly,” saying of the clip, “I have to see it, but, as far as I know, everything is good between Oprah and Cindy.”

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