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Comedian Corey’s Side Chick Rules

Comedian Corey Holcomb has personal experiences with side chicks so he knows the rules. DeDe wants to know all about the side chick “constitution” and if these girls are really abiding by the laws of the mistress. Listen and laugh with DeDe in the Morning.

Michael Shawn Trying to Swerve the Side Chick!

If you don’t know by now Michael Shawn loves a good side chick, but that’s where he wants to keep them on the side, one of Mike’s girls called DeDe in the Morning to find out where he is because he hasn’t been answering her calls after promising to take her to a Super Bowl… Read more »

How to Know They Have a Side Piece

It seems like it is the year of the side piece. Everyone you know and date has someone on the side, and it’s not just men, women too. Lady Jade thinks she knows the signs of someone with a side piece. If you have a feeling your boo might have some one on the side… Read more »

DeDe’s DM

It goes down in DeDe’s DM but it might go down in the street if this wife goes to the mistress’s job, a wife wants to confront her husband’s side chick! Find out what advice the DeDe in the Morning team gave a woman that says she will not leave her cheating husband. Check out… Read more »

How Does Michael Shawn Like His Side Chicks

Of course listeners always want to no more. So Lady Jade took the mic to the streets for listeners to ask any question they wanted. Find out if Michael Shawn like his side chicks with weave or natural and if DeDe in the Morning has ever dated a celebrity with ” Ask The Show.’ [Listen… Read more »

How Do Side Chicks Become The Main Chick? [Listen Now]

Were trying to figure out how side chicks become the main chick. It worked out for Kim Kardashian, Alicia Keys and Gabrielle Union. Dede in the morning spoke with women who were up graded from side chick to main chick. (Listen Below)

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