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Lady Jade’s Mystery Man

Does Lady Jade have a new man? DeDe saw Jade post a pic on her Instagram holding hands with a man! She even captioned it “Steal your hoodie season” but now Lady Jade is straight denying it. You have to listen and let us know is Jade lying or is she still single? Listen and… Read more »

DeDe’s DM Wants a Private Instagram

DeDe’s Dm needs help with her insecure boyfriend, he wants her to change her Instagram account to private! She isn’t sure if she should oblige him or if she should just tell him to get over it and trust her. Everyone has an opinion about this subject listen and then let us know what you… Read more »

What a Man’s Instagram Feed Means

A man’s Instargram can tell you a lot about him, and Lady Jade will let you know what to look for and what it means. Whether he is self centered or obsessed with “Instachicks,” his Instagram is sure to snitch him out! Listen and learn with DeDe in the Morning.  

DeDe Has Important Followers

How many followers do you have on Instagram? How many of them are extremely important people? DeDe in the Morning has two of the biggest followers in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area on Instagram. They are….[Listen Below]

Instagram Will Be Shut Down

Michael Shawn loves his kids!! Its time for, “Daddy Diaries!” This time Michael Shawn allowed one of his daughters to discuss whatever topic she wanted. Of all topics, his 11 year old daughter chose politics! She said until the U.S finds out how Isis is getting information form social media, they should shut all social… Read more »

Michael Shawn’s Deep Instagram Quotes Of The Week [Listen Now]

Michael Shawn has some real deep Instagram quotes for yall. The first one is “There Are Two Types of People In The World, People You Want To Drink With And People That Make You Want To Drink.” Another quote is “Chicks Matching Purses To Clothes But Can’t Match Baby’s To Daddys.” LOL! (Listen Below)

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