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WTH You Doing At The Courthouse!?

This guy was at the wrong place, at the wrong time with too much weed! Lady Jade asked one guy “WTH You Doing at the Courthouse?!” and he let her know he was just trying to play some Madden video games at his homie’s house and instead he got caught up with 5 pounds and… Read more »

DeDe’s Date Fail Hit on my Baby Sitter

You have heard of baby mam drama, but what about drama from the baby sitter? One guy thought he was slick and was SEXTING his date’s babysitter! Check out this DeDe’s Date Fail the baby sitter straight snitched him out.  

Lady Jade

When Cheaters Get Caught with Lady Jade

When cheaters get caught they all say the same thing…¬† Lady Jade can tell you exactly what cheaters say when they get busted. Listen and find out if you have ever heard¬† or used any of these excuses! Only with DeDe in the Morning  

Lady Jade

When Cheaters Get Caught with Lady Jade

If you are cheating there is always a chance you will get busted and for some reason we all tend to do the same things when we get caught. Lady Jade can tell you exactly how cheaters act when they get caught up, listen to hear if you have ever seen or done these things…

WTH You Doing At The Courthouse?!

Lady Jade was hanging out at the courthouse when she saw a young girl come out with her paperwork so she had to ask WTH You Doing At The Courthouse?! As soon as this girl started talking Jade knew she caught a weed charge… Find out how she got busted only with DeDe in the… Read more »

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