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Michael Shawn’s Bio


Marital Status: Single

Where I’m From: New York/New Jersey

First Job: None – Just good and comfy

Extracurricular Activities: Telling jokes, watching sports, and having safe sex.

Pets: Yes. Little a%# dog. We have a love/hate relationship. The dog loves when I feed him and I hate paying for it. Just like a bitch.

Favorite Color: Gray/Black

Favorite Food: Steak (Well Done)

Favorite Book: Death of a sales Man

Favorite Artist: ME! Stevie Wonder, KRS One, and Kanye West.

Top 3 Movies: Less than zero, Shawshank ReDemption, and Malcom X.

Super Power: I want to be able to heal people from sickness (so many family memers would still be here).

Best Concert I Ever Saw: Michael Jackson

Three People For Dinner: Three is not enough!

Guilty Pleasure: Lifetime Channel

Favorite Quote: “A genius is someone who has master” Common sense

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