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Tyler, the Creator on UK Ban: “I’m Being Treated Like a Terrorist


Emma McIntyre/Getty ImagesAfter being legally banned from the United Kingdom last week, Tyler, the Creator says, “I’m being treated like a terrorist.”

The rapper tells The Guardian he was stopped at the U.K. border and a document explaining why he was being denied entrance. “The paper said I couldn’t come at all, saying that I support homophobia and acts of terrorism,” he says

The rapper was forced to cancel several performances after receiving a letter from the Home Office complaining about his lyrics and accusing him of “behaviors unacceptable in the U.K.” Two previous albums were specifically cited. The Home Office wrote, “Your albums Bastard, in 2009, and Goblin, in 2011, are based on the premise of you adopting a mentally unstable alter ego who describes violent physical abuse, rape and murder in graphic terms which appears to glamorize this behavior.”

After he was previously being banned from New Zealand and Australia, Tyler says U.K. officials “are just followers. Everyone is a follower, just following what other countries are doing.” He also believes there are racial motives.

“I was starting to think that they did not like the fact that their children were idolizing a black man,” he says, “There were Caucasian parents who were not feeling that, so yes, they’re gonna sign a petition to make sure I don’t come and infiltrate their child’s brain.”

Tyler fears that the censorship will become more widespread.

“This is only gonna open a door for other people to get banned,” he says. ”And then they’re gonna go after video games, and then they’re gonna go after movies, and we’re gonna live in such a sensitive world.”

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