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Tinashe Talks Leaking Her Own Music, Chris Brown, & Status of Joyride


Credit: Smallz & RaskindTinashe is spilling new details about the status of her upcoming album, Joyride.

The singer tells Complex she’s anxious to complete her sophomore effort later this year, the follow-up to last year’s Aquarius.

“It’s on the way, I’ve been working really hard on it, put my heart and sold into the project I’m really excited about the songs, she says. “I get to play some of the new songs on the tour, so that’s really fun to be able to like share some new music every night and I’m just waiting for that release date like everybody else.”

When it comes to song leaks, Tinashe says she has no problem with it — as long as she’s leaking them herself.

“Sometimes you gotta do what you got to do,” she says, before explaining that she has support from her label. “The album, I think everyone is excited about it from the label from the label’s perspective as well.”

For those who were surprised by Tinashe’s collaboration with Chris Brown on “Player,” she explains it didn’t happen the way some fans might assume.

“People ask like, ‘Were you guys backstage on day and said let’s make a record together?’ And that’s definitely not how it happened,” she clarifies. “The record was already created at that point when Chris got on.”

Tinashe hopes to work with Kanye West and Andre 3000, but she she confirms that Young Thug and Juicy J will make appearances on Joyride.

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