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Texas hospitals are running out of beds sooner than we thought, as local officials express concerns that the hospitals could be overloaded with coronavirus patients. Texas is reporting more than 8,000 people hospitalized for the new coronavirus. Though numbers are reaching an all time high, this increase could overwhelm the intensive care capacities thus running… Read more »

DeDe’s Hot Topics

Coronavirus is taking over Texas is being affected, SXSW has been canceled and now even the NBA is taking precautions, and Dak Prescott is going to be paid! Find out about all of these Hot Topics with DeDe in the Morning.  

Big Tex with DeDe in the Morning

The State Fair is going on so DeDe in the Morning had to get the scoop from Big Tex himself! After this interview you might say Big Tex has some issues. Listen and laugh, you will never see Big Tex the same again…  


DeDe In The Morning will be a food judge, Kim Kardashian outs a celeb, and an update on the stolen shark… Check out DeDe’s Hot Topics [Click the Link]

Its Hot in Texas but how hot is it?

Its been over 100 degrees in DFW all week long, but we want to know how hot is it? Whats is the best line you can come up with? Fill in the blank… “Its so hot outside that___________________________!” It's so hot outside __________! Fill in the blank what's your best line? "Its so hot outside… Read more »