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Diddy is feeling betrayed by Cassie after she started dating the personal trainer Diddy hired! Now DeDe in the Morning wants to know if you have ever been in a similar situation? Check out what our listeners thought about this Hot Topic!

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DeDe really misses Lady Jades ex husband and Diddy is begging for Cassie back, a stampede broke out at a dark liquor festival, $688,000,000 split between 2 people, and 22 co-workers split a Million Dollar Jackpot… Find out about all these stories and more with DeDe in the Morning’s Hot Topics!

Diddy and Cassie Break Up

Diddy and Cassie have had a “relationship” for a very long time, the couple met in 2007. Diddy never claimed a relationship or made it publicly official until recently, the two were allegedly engaged to be married, but not any more. The rumored reason may be due to Drake flirting with Cassie! Were you ever… Read more »


Brooklyn went crazy when Diddy brought out Jay and Nas

Man I straight up got the chills looking at this. You can feel the energy through the screen. Monumental moment last night as Diddy held the Bad Boy Reunion 20th Anniversary concert on Biggies birthday in Biggies home of Brooklyn New York. He brought out Jay and Nas to perform two songs each.


Diddy And French Montana Involved In A MURDER???

There seem to be some crazy rumors hitting the streets that is putting Diddy and French Montana into some hot water. About a year ago NY rapper Chinx Drugz was shot and killed as he drove home from a performance at a nightclub. No leads where ever found but Chinx’s mother dropped a bomb when… Read more »

BET Pays Tribute to Diddy

Taylor Hill/FilmMagicFollowing Diddy’s recent announcement that he’s retiring from music BET is paying trib…