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Coutry Breeze’s Crack Head Cousin

There are some benefits to having a crack head cousin according to Breeze. What may seem like a bad addiction for him is a plus for you, because crack heads always have the hook up. Listen and laugh with DeDe in Morning!  

Tales from the Hood

A glove factory has gone thumbless, the homegirl got her credit cleaned up after her mama jacked it up, and some one is selling fish grease vape pens! Get your hood news with Breeze only on DeDe in the Morning…      

Tales from the Hood Crown Peach and Stolen Chicken

If you are looking for that Crown Royal Peach that’s sold out in stores you the hood connect has it for you, and Breeze got a personal interview from the alleged robbery get-a-way driver… Get the scoop on this hood news only with DeDe in the Morning!  

Tales from the Hood with Breeze

The Hood is popping! From Paternity tests, and church break ins Breeze has the inside scoop. Listen with DeDe in the Morning to get you Tales from the Hood while they are hot!  

Stories From The Hood: Home Invasion

Breeze has homies in the hood that have some news for you… -Puppies for sale -Daycare service/Gambling Shack -3 Rims for sale Get more on those from Breeze but the biggest story from the hood was the home invasion! Find out what happened with DeDe in the Morning!  

Stories from the Hood ” The Corner Store Special”

DeDe in the Morning knows the best stories come from the hood and Breeze never disappoints. Breeze got sent to the store by his aunt to go pick up some chicken and she asked for “The Corner Street Special” but what he didn’t realize it wasn’t just chicken he was picking up… Find out what… Read more »

Tales From the Hood Christmas Give Away

Uh oh! Breeze almost got caught up by the police with some items that may or may not have been stolen… You have to hear what happen on this episode of Tales From The Hood only on DeDe in the Morning!