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Lizzo releases first trailer for HBO Max documentary ‘Love, Lizzo’


Courtesy HBO Max

Lizzo released the first look of her upcoming HBO Max documentary, Love, Lizzo, on Thursday.

“Taking ownership of my story — I’m nervous but excited to share with y’all,” she wrote on Instagram. The trailer takes a peek at her childhood, her struggle to break into the music game and how she became a powerhouse in the industry.

The trailer is soundtracked to Lizzo’s “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)” and starts with her narrating, “No matter what part of my story you come in at, I’m always chasing the music. Y’all have no idea how close I was to this not being a thing.”

“When I was a little girl, I would write these pop songs, but I didn’t have the confidence in my voice,” she continues. “Nobody was trying to sign a fat Black girl that rapped, and sang and played the flute. It took so much hard work to get where I am today. But, I found my voice.”

Lizzo concludes, “Now when people see me onstage, they see themselves. Music gave me the opportunity to be who I am. The show don’t stop. The show must go on.”

As this narration plays out, fans are provided glimpses into her life — such as home videos of a young Lizzo feeling shy at the dinner table and her posing for various glamour shots.

Love, Lizzo starts streaming November 24 on HBO Max.

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