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Fetty Wap Talks Trap Queen & Feeling Blessed with His Success


ABC/Randy Holmes

Fetty Wap found his way into the hearts of mainstream America with “Trap Queen,” a song that details his relationship with an old girlfriend. The rapper tells ABC Radio that he never knew so many would relate to what some describe as a “ratchet love song.”

“‘Trap Queen’  really just all started really like a… they say a romantic love song, oh no they say ratchet love song,” he laughs of his breakout hit, which appears on his self-titled debut album. “I mean, I was just telling my little side of my little story of the person I was dealing with and the world loved it and it just worked for me and I just kept it going from there.”

The overall success of the song, which has sold more than a million copies since its release, has changed his life and now affords him the chance to help his family. The humble rapper explains why he isn’t focused on the fame, but on working harder to provide his loved ones a different lifestyle.

“When people ask me about the progression I don’t really feel the progression, everybody else sees it because I don’t work for myself. I don’t work to make myself OK, I work to make sure we’re all OK,” he says. “It feel good to be able to share with people I was down with.”

The rapper, who revealed he’s already begun his sophomore album, adds that he’s just getting warmed up. “I just feel blessed to be where I’m at, I really worked hard for it, I still work hard. I didn’t just get where I’m at and then say, ‘I’m done.’ I can’t stop making music,” Fetty says. 

You can purchase his latest self-titled album now.

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