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Drake talks name-dropping exes in songs, thoughts of graceful exit from music career


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Drake‘s habit of name-dropping his exes in his music, which has been teased in an SNL skit, is something he feels he probably “coulda done without.”

Speaking with Lil Yachty on FUTUREMOOD’s A Moody Conversationhe said that in retrospect dissing people for their age or “disrupting somebody’s life” are things he could have avoided. 

“So I’ve tried my best to stop doing that. But I like to be honest in music, too, so that one’s a push and pull,” he said.

When discussing his career, he shared with Yachty that he’s been thinking a lot about “a graceful exit.”

“I feel like I’m kind of introducing the concept in my mind of a graceful exit,” he said, noting he’d still be involved in music in some capacity.

“I’ll still be around to, like, you know, work with people or do a show here or there, but I’m not going to, like, force myself to compete,” he continued. “So I guess that’s the one thing that I want for myself really badly.”

Drake made it clear he’s “not ready now” when it comes to retirement. His intention is “to gracefully continue making projects that are extremely, like, interesting and hopefully cherished by people. And then to find the right time to say, like, ‘I can’t wait to see what the next generation does.’”

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